It’s Personal

I am thankful for this collaboration with @Mighzal_Alarabkw . As it is not the first time. Click Here to check out my first Collab with them. What attracts me and keeps be being such a fan is the simplicity of the pieces that they offer.


I believe that reading quotes does motivate me through the day..

So, imagine wearing a bracelets that say’s “It goes on” or “Be Brave” or some kind of reminder to keep you lifted up through the day.

I truly believe that words can have an impact to make us happy or sad.


I would like to title this collaboration ” It’s Personal” because it is. Or let’s say the theme of these pieces are very personal.




Be Brave Necklace:


Palm Tree Silver Necklace. ( This is a definite summer piece)

Black Triangle Necklace

What I love about the triangle that it could hold so many meanings..

Just hold on to which of the meanings that means something to you..

The Upside down triangle actually means Female

As the triangle has three corners so you could associate it for example with:

  • Past, Present, Future
  • Power, Intellect, Love
  • Thought, Feeling, Emotion
  • Love, Truth, Wisdom
  • Creation, Preservation, Destruction




The Dream catcher ( Necklace, bracelet, ring)

The Dream catcher was originated from the native Americans.. It has various meanings but always misused by non-natives..

I’ll spare you the whole story, you could look it up if you’re interested, but I’ll give you a brief about it.

The Dream catcher are crafts woven by grandparents for the young children/newborn. Dreamcatchers are actually hung above the cradleboard or the bed to give them peace while they’re asleep. It said in stories that the dream catcher traps the bad dreams until sun rises and the good dreams are descends through the feathers to the dreamer.  Find out more here


Each nation has its on superstition originated thousands years ago. As they has beliefs and considerations…For example:

♦Hamsa Hand is said to protect from the evil eye.

♦The Blue evil eye in Turkey to ward off evil eyes.

♦Good Luck HorseShoe: To bring good luck and keep nightmares away hang a horseshoe over your bedroom


I could write more but we’re going off topic….


Black Smooth Leather Bracelet

I love love how this bracelet is on point…. It is adjustable because when I first saw it I freaked out that it won’t fit… But the way you wear it is actually fun. I just love how neat and seriously on point it is. I could see me wearing this everyday and with almost everything. cuz it could add up some fanciness to my outfit.



They do worldwide shipping. 

As for me, they’re the first I think of if I wanted to get a gift or some sort of sentimental piece as a gift.




xo Ms Poet


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