Photography Questions

I get asked a lot about photography, but somehow when I posted a photo with a caption that said “Write your question and I’ll answer it”; I only received two questions…

So here are my answers to both.


  • Question #01 How do you know what angle/perspective to use?

I can’t tell you which angle to shoot from because what makes your photography different is your eyes. (how you see things)

So let’s say there is an object on the table a #mug? you might look at it from top but I’d be looking at it from the side. It is your perspective that makes the difference. You just decide what looks right and know how actually you do look at things,,, everything.

I try to show you how I see things from my point of view/perspective.


  • Question #02 What are the basic things I want to learn?

Check this post that I wrote a while ago, and if it didn’t help you let me know.

Click Here <



If you have any question relates to Photography let me know.  

xo Ms Poet

One thought on “Photography Questions

  1. Please I’d like to know if you use a stick for your camera to capture your pictures from above and If not then how do you do it?


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