This Is It!

I have always looked everywhere, every corner trying to find a sign, something that would give me that push to do something or say words that I am hesitant to let out.

I look at written words or listen to those spoken ones on TV?, in music…

Yet, I always fail to find the ‘sign’

This post is basically your sign.

If you were waiting for something this is it. 

This is your sign to do whatever that you have always wanted to do but you’re waiting for the “sign” to actually do it. This is your green light to speak up whatever is on your mind yet you convince yourself to wait…


This Is It. 


xo Ms Poet

5 thoughts on “This Is It!

      1. Well, I just started my vacation and I’m all ready to get back on track:: even though I was slacking in the last few months due to my focus on college.. But you can always get back to it.

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