Birthday Wishlist -Too Early..

Let’s laugh at first by the fact that I make this birthday list every year for three years now and I haven’t checked off any of those unless I bought them myself.


My birthday is on the 27th January, it makes me an Aquarius . So I manage to post some reminders and send collages of things to family that I would like to get on my birthday. In a way I rather get something that I like and know I’d use instead of receiving something that I may not use at all.

What’s funny is that I don’t post “hints” I literally tell them exactly what I want. Yet, I haven’t gotten any of the things that I ask for… -sigh-


Anyways, I am never tired in making this list every year.

So let me list what I want and then I’ll send them the link to this post.


My Birthday Wishlist:

  1. iPhone 6s rose gold 64 GB
  2. Fuji xa2
  3. New black leather watch  Preferred brands (Marc Jacobs,Giorgio Armani, Daniel Wellington)
  4. a CAKE???
  5. A Mug

Let’s not forget I can afford getting myself all those. But that’s the idea of Birthdays right? To get older and get the gifts  

Those are the things I can think of right now.


When is your birthday?  What would you like to get?


xo Ms Poet

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