Kendall x Kylie’s Collection

I am truly blessed to know that I have this type of connection with people.

A week ago I was contacted with one of TopShop‘s staff (Personal Shopper) *Nada: inviting me to the exclusive Kendall X Kylie’s Collection.

They told her to invite her VIP customers and for her to be contacting me literally made my day. I am truly thankful.
I saw the pieces, I liked them, but the thing is that all those pieces don’t define me in any kind of way. I mean I am very practical and I’ve said this before. I consider my style to be “casual chic at most times.

And even if I managed to get a piece from the collection I won’t be wearing it much.

*”Kendall and Kylie Jenner are back at Topshop with a luxe new collection set to shake up your party look. From grown-up suiting to a fresh take on the little black dress,
the Jenner girls have nailed dressing for every holiday eventuality.”

I do agree that the collection is very luxurious.  I loved the faux fur. I tried on the crop top and the skirt with the blue fur; I truly looked fancy >.< But Let’s be real here, it’s not an everyday wear and it’s not like I am made for the party life hah!


I couldn’t leave TopShop without getting something. So I got bought a panel color- block sweatshirt that I truly Loved!



And Yay for the goodies



xo Ms poet

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