My Take on Starbucks Evenings Menu Tasting

I think it’s safe to say that I am a Starbucks fan.

Not only all my project cases in uni revolves around Starbucks and its top management but  I am truly appreciative when it comes to their ability to create this type of atmosphere and keep  grounded.

As a coffee enthusiast I was invited to Starbucks newEvening Menu‘. Sadly,  I didn’t get to  try everything but let me tell you this;;;

I am officially obsessed with the black tea lemonade! 

I have also tried their:

  1. Quinoa, Goat Cheese salad
  2. Banana Crepe with Nutella
  3. The mini chocolate pudding
  4. The Cardamom infused Halloumi Bites. 

I have bolded my favorites though. 

Due to the fact that Starbucks is not a dining place, so they made this evening menu more like a quick, fun and tasty bites that are sharable. 

I do see myself going back for the Black tea lemonade, Halloumi bites and the chocolate pudding.


These are some of the shots I’ve captured.






Thank You for the goodies

xo  Ms Poet

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