My Friend is More Than a Horse Rider!

I have always admired smart, independent and fierce women. Not only I consider myself to be one though. I respect those ambitious with a vision hard working ladies. It is truly motivating to see them reach their goals.

One day something was just a mere idea, a thought and right now it is actually alive. I have had the privilege to actually be there to witness it from the brainstorming phase.


And this small post is just an appreciation to her hard work.

I had a strong believe that you’d make something significant when you first told me, and I still stand by my words. 


She Co-Founded @AlBuraq_Academy – Academy & More *Horse Related.

Stay Tuned though; She’s just getting started.

Firs of it’s kind in Kuwait. And I fully support it/her. 


*Non of the photes were taken by me.

xo Ms Poet

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