The Social Media

Social Media

noun: social media; plural noun: social medias
  1. websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.


Finally I have found a reason to talk about this in a way that everyone will understand my point of views. If you haven’t heard about Essena Oniel then you have been under a rock.. I have watched her video few weeks ago and been wanting to post about it ever since. Yet, I didn’t know how to start and I had all these thoughts but I needed to clear my mind and organize them for you…

I have always been concerned about how the social media is affecting us and everyone around us. And this effect could be negative or positive; depending on how you use it.

So to make the 17 minutes video shorter I will sum things up things for you. Essena says that the social media personalities are mostly ‘fake’ She is clearly explaining her actual experience on the social media.

Being a social media figure and Having over +500K followers in all the platforms and had been signed in  many agencies in Australia and USA. She thought she had it all. In the video she talks about how being famous and having power has actually caused her misery and depression. How the obsession of wanting more views, likes, comments could allow her to do anything at all just to higher up the number of viewers, followers…



My take on her video:

I believe she was right in a lot of things that she said; Like how people thrive to be famous; they’d do almost anything for fame. And how people are feeling less valued just because of the statistics. As in people are waiting for others validity to actually live their lives?

People think that they’re more valued in having more followers. They think that they are defined by numbers. Always working hard to prove to others that they actually forgot what they aim for. Looking out for new trends even if it didn’t suit them. No principles whatsoever. 

Yet she was somehow wrong on some of the things that she said. Like how the social media is evil, and how everything is fake. We all know what’s fake and whats not. And without the social media I think we’d be caved in, without knowing anything that is happening in the world unless we saw it on TV the next day or read it in the papers. I mean it has opened our eyes in so many things. It has awakened us from the negligence that we were in… We now know what’s good whats not, who’s good and who’s not. What I didn’t like as well is how she generalised everyone on the social media saying how everyone is fake and miserable and doing it for the money… Which is obviously wrong.


There are Pros & Cons to social media ( In My opinion ):


  1. I think it made the world seem much smaller. We get to know exactly what’s happening around the world as it’s happening.
  2. We get to meet and recognize a lot of different people.. and all kinds of people.
  3. It made connecting with others way easier that it was before.
  4. We got to actually make friends and see who those people really are. Yes you might say that everyone chooses what they want to show their platforms. But it’s those things that actually could define a part of the persons personality. and somehow reflects who they really are.
  5. You can actually reach as many people as this earth holds. Inspire them, warn them, talk to them…etc
  6. Show off your talent. Whether you were a writer, photographer, dancer, painter,,, basically show off your art to the world because of the social media you can actually reach a bigger audience.


  1. To be a social media famous could lead to an obsession.
  2. Even though it’s an advantage to get to know people yet you truly get to see who they really are. When we didn’t have so much openness we didn’t know that there were people that could be so rude, weird, strange, ignorant… etc
  3. Being on the social media made us have less face-to-face conversations and/or interaction.
  4. Cyberbullying of course has gone wild.
  5. Being on the social media also led to less productivity. I myself can sit around hours browsing through websites and jumping from App to App.
  6. Sleeping disorder.
  7. The necessity to please everyone with your content. Which can also lead to depression.


There is nothing in this life perfectly good or perfectly bad. There is always a mixture between both in everything. The trick is to know how to balance them..

Through the years I am proud to say that I have met amazing, talented people through the social media. I cannot deny the fact that I even made good friends through those applications And I also had jobs opportunities from the social media.. Without those websites or applications I think not even in a million years I would have gotten the chance to meet such people.


As soon as you realize and know how to actually use the social media in your advantage it will be less cons than pros. It will also help you meet great people as well. As soon as you find out what you exactly want minus what everybody else says what you ‘should’ want. You won’t feel the need to curse the ‘ Social Media’


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