Day 10: Best Trip of Your Life.

The whole purpose of ‘Daily Blog challenge‘ is to be consistent.

Which I am deeply guilty of not being one.

So, I apologize. 

Day 10 is about the best trip of my life, which without a doubt was my trip to Turkey.

I have never felt the amount of happiness as much as I did when I was in Turkey.

I believe it was back in January, 2013.

Too bad my external hard drive was corrupted and I’ve lost all the data including the photos I took in Turkey; Istanbul & Bursa.

But I have some in my old iPhone which I am charging to switch it on as I am writing this post to upload some of the photos I still have.

I truly have no words to express my feelings about this trip or how I felt when I was there.

All what I know is that it was too beautiful.

The best trip of my life.




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