Bloggin’ In Class… What Are You Waiting For??

I’m literally in class right now.

10.17 AM



You want to know what I was talking about yesterday?

And I need your opinion about this…..

So, We should all learn and convince ourselves to be legitimately and genuinely happy without the dependance of others.

As in; We shouldn’t wait for someone  or anyone to show up and make us happy. In that case we will be waiting a lifetime.

Because if we rely on others to make us happy it is only a matter of time until we’re no longer happy. 

For example: A won’t allow themselves to be happy until B talks to them. So imagine A‘s day if B didn’t start a conversation? Get it?

Counting on others will only end up with you being let down..

You have to teach yourself to go on supporting yourself and not expect happiness to come from anyone else but you. because most likely you’ll end up disappointed.

It might take time but try to find something that makes you happy. Whether it was chillin’ watching movies all day or working on something that you like or being with friends, family or loved ones. To me, walking to the kitchen making myself coffee and then get online doing whatever is just pure and simple and does that job #Happy #content.

I don’t know how to explain it in words but I wish you do understand what I am trying to say.

Blogging in class isn’t exactly an easy thing to do

May you never be let down. May you find happiness within yourself. 

 Shot this before driving to class. And when I’m broke I take my coffee to go made my yours truly. 💜 

xo Ms Poet

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