Day 2: 20 Facts About You.

Let’s do this. I’ll jump right to it.

  1. Sometimes I feel that as much as I say that ‘ I am tired’ I’m not really tired I just got used to saying it when I had nothing to say.
  2. I can do about anything but most of the time I just don’t feel like it.
  3. My favorite colors are ( Blue | Purple | Grey )
  4. I’m a black Coffee kinda girl
  5. I was a serious bad student until I woke up realizing that and in one year I turned into an A+ student. As soon as I started my bachelors degree the spark was gone and now I’m like ” whaaah?”
  6. I can stay a whole day in bed watching movies, TV shows..
  7.  Favorite Cuisine is Italian.
  8. I’m a romantic junkie. I’ve watched almost every chick flick out there.
  9. As much as I get scared from horror movies, I still managed to watch every single one of them. Seriously… You name it
  10. I am an apple user.. and forever will be..
  11. Summer is not my thing. I instantly become ‘happier’ if it’s winter.
  12. I collect mugs. (I also ask people to get me mugs if they asked me what would I want for a gift.)
  13. I think that we’re never too old to learn. even the smallest things.
  14. I have always wanted to be an inspirational figure… even if it was for one person.
  15. I tend to keep my feelings/emotions with me. Which makes me harder to deal with when I’m emotional/upset/stressed… etc
  16. I regret stating this but I lack patience… I try not to though.
  17. I usually find myself talking to myself.. Not weird really helpful.
  18. I’m twenty four years old.
  19. I fear the unknown and I can’t sleep in the dark.
  20. I am a very accepting person /non judgmental.

Extra fact: simple things make me happy.
Thats that. 

xo Ms poet

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