Day 1: Your Blog’s Name

I wanted to wait for the 1st of November to actually work on this 30 days challenge. But right now I have a report due after tomorrow and you know how it is like when you are willing to do anything but the report…

I took a nap/ate/watched a movie and did everything but to start the project.

So I figured it is time for the first day of this Challenge.

I saw the post from xMaffyx So I was inspired to work on my ’30 Day Blog Challenge’

Day 1: Your Blog’s Name:

The name of my blog is A Coffee Shot. 

So basically if you knew me you’d know that coffee takes a huge part of my life. When I go out with friends there is always coffee involved.

When I want to go out and have a proper conversation whether if it business kind of talk or casual convo. I’m 100% sure that there is coffee on the table.

starting the day is never right without it as well.

As soon a I wanted to start this blog it felt when I post something and any person reads it I want it to feel like as if we had a coffee together.

I get this comment a lot about my writings, when I write it feels like I am talking to a specific person. So the name of my blog means ” A coffee shot with you”> the reader; whoever you are.

So, What’s the meaning behind your blogs name?

*By the way. This photo I posted in my first blog post 🙂


xo Ms Poet

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