What I have learnt from TV Shows #1

I will keep my focus on the latest TV Shows that I have watched, which were Scandal, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries.

This shall be the first post from the series “What I have learnt from….”

Enjoy x

What I have learnt from Scandal



  1. I shouldn’t trust anyone. Never let your guard down because eventually people will take advantage of you, one way or another.
  2. Some people will talk to you only when they need something.
  3. Trust your gut! The first feeling you have about something or anything is most likely the right thing to do. Your gut is way more than ‘just a feeling’
  4. Always be confident.
  5. Love will win if it’s strong enough
  6. Sacrifices must be done for life, love, family.

What I have learnt from The Vampire Diaries


  1. Stay strong no matter what happens around you.
  2. Running away from your problems is never the answer.
  3. Accept the fact that sometimes the only person who will save you is You!
  4. If you believe in something always defend it with your everything. Because sometimes it is all what you have got.
  5. Nobody is all evil, or all good. We all are a combination of both.

What I have learnt from The Walking Dead



  1. Never let a Zombie bite you!
  2. Some people aren’t meant to be in your journey, the faster you accept this the less disappointed you will be.
  3. Despite the horrible circumstances, you can still fall in love.> Maggie & Glenn<
  4. We don’t have to follow the rules.
  5. Adapt to survive. Stop waiting for things to get better and make the best of what you have.
  6. Live the moments and stop asking “What if’s”
  7. Sometimes it is all about “Letting Go” to actually breathe.
  8. If there is a will, there is a way.

Is it possible that TV Shows/Movies could actually change our lives?

xo Ms Poet

2 thoughts on “What I have learnt from TV Shows #1

  1. Scandal, I disagree with point number 2, eventually those people contacted you for a good reason which means you are good at what you do and trusted.
    Vampire Diaries, never watched, but hey they apparently teach good lessons !!
    The Walking Dead, point number 4 !! hell yes


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