collaboration with @mighzal_alarabkw

I believe in »simplicity« 

I think that simple things are eye comforting, whether it was reflecting through photos, outfits or accessories.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’

Wearing statement jewellery/accessories  has always been a choice of mine.

I appreciate the approach by Mighzal Al Al Arab asking for my review, and in all honesty I wouldn’t have accepted to review it if they didn’t reflect my style.

As soon as I received the package I fell in love.

So, they asked me to choose the pieces I liked. And because I liked almost all of their collection, I asked them to choose for me. Yet, I insisted on the J. Crew set:

J.Crew limited edition

I dare you not fall in love with this set.

I chose this because of the charms and their meanings, sometimes jewellery pieces could be closer to your heart just because of what they state or mean don’t you think?

I am also aiming to get the earnings soon.

The Arrow Bangle:

This Arrow Bangle says it all, with the two mini charms one has a wing, the other  says “follow y♥ur heart” As a reminder to always do what your heart tells you to do.

Just remember to take your brain with you

Can’t take my eyes off younecklace.

 If this necklace chain was shorter it would have been perfect.

The Watch:

Ok, if you know me personally, you’d know ‘pink’ is not my to go color.

but ‘Rose Gold’ is my favorite so that’s that.

I find this watch very feminine. It would go along with any gold bangle. Honestly that’s how I’d wear it.

You can find all these pieces in their Instagram Account.

They do worldwide shipping too.  

»Good Vibes Only« is how I’d describe mighzal_alarabkw‘s collection.

♥What are the pieces that you can’t go out without?

To me it is all about ‘rings and earnings’.

xo Ms Poet

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