You know it’s an obsession when you go get a second one.

“The perfect nude lipstick should compliment your complexion and make you look healthy, not washed out. It shouldn’t be too matte or thick and opaque or it’ll look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips. Look for a creamy color, one that is sheer or a bit more opaque with slight sheen.” – Nick Barose

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I am always hunting for this type of color.

Three things I look for when getting a new lipstick:

  • Matte
  • Pigmented
  • moisturising

I am not a glossy kind of girl. Matte is always my pick; But some ‘matte’ can make your lips very flaky which is something that I truly hate! so the hunting for a good nude/matte lipstick could be a nightmare; especially knowing that I am not a makeup expert.

What are your favorite Matte/natural colors Lipsticks. I am willing to try out new stuff.

I am also looking for different shades of nudes.

*And if you haven’t tried this NARS-Tonkin #iRecommend

xo Ms Poet

6 thoughts on “NUDES

      1. I haven’t tried twig but it’s on my wish list. I kinda fussy with lipsticks & like to give them a good swatch before buying – but I might just do lots of research and bite the bullet!


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