A Reminder

Life is not easy, and whoever says that life is plain easy and anything you want could happen is fooling both you and themselves. Yes it would but only if you work for it. 

Stop hoping for things to happen to you or arrive at your doorstep because nothing will. 

I have learnt to ask for what I exactly want and work to get it.

Even if you think that everything will come to you when you “Believe enough” Trust me it will not!

(Each action has a reaction). And if you don’t act don’t expect anything to go your way.

For example: You want money? staying home and hoping that you’d get it,,, You’ll stay money-less for a long time. And take this example for everything else in your life.

»Life is not easy but it’s not that hard.«

Never ever underestimate yourself. Whoever you idolize never got to where they are without working hard for it. Everyone was born like a plain white paper. They knew nothing in life. “Excluding special talents here lol”…

I mean life is all about learning, and if you want to be somebody. Go and be that somebody.

For example: I used to see those big photographers and wonder “OH WOW How did he do it?” Or ” Oh my, I could never do such a thing…” And keep thinking that I wasn’t good enough.

Trust me if you search enough, read enough and Ask enough….#passionately You’ll find your answers.

Stop looking at others like they’re not humans, like they have super powers.

Start working so you can be your own hero.

Be proud of yourself even for the little things that you do.

They truly mean the most.

With that being said, I just hope that you have a great day.

I apologize for not posting a lot,,,

 Quality  > Quantity  right?

xo Ms Poet

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