Improve Yourself.. Always

I know I haven’t been here for a while,, I feel so bad and I wish you guys know that I did try my best to blog about   something,, anything

But I haven’t been free lately and even when I was I sat there in front of the screen with nothing on mind. As I have also promised that whatever I write on here would benefit you guys one way or another.. Or at least I would write something from the heart and not just for the sake of publishing something…

So me ranting isn’t gonna cut it.

We are always on the path in improving ourselves. There is no way that we are old for that as we are never going to stop improving ourselves unless we’re ‘perfect’ and oh well 🙂

We all get to experience things in life, whether it was positive or negative it does effect us. Change us perhaps? And whoever says that they cannot be changed with time they’re most likely fooling themselves. Because not only time changes us,  people too.

And I know a lot of you will agree on that…

I have always been on the run working/studying, in all honesty doing anything but to sit down and relax. It made me feel better because I am that person with a mind full of voices that irritates the hell out of me. Don’t freak out,, what I mean is that I’m a hardcore thinker and if I wasn’t doing anything I would just sit and think about everything that has happened, happening or things that will never happen. Set up scenarios or things that I wish somehow would happen to me. So most likely I end up depressed..

This is one of the reasons I used to use all the time doing anything but to ‘sit down and relax’.

After my last job I have decided to actually use all the time that I have to focus on my studies, One more semester left…

This decision clearly bothered me a lot.  It is making me itch by just thinking about it!.  As it is also a new way for me to think about what else I am able to do and the possibilities in front of

One of things that kept me calm is reading self-improvements books OR any book with inspiring quotations to keep me lifted.

With all that being said. What I really wanted to say is that:

Whatever that is happening in  your life. Whatever that has happened; remember that this is not the end. I promise you you have a lifetime in front of you and as long as y ou are breathing everything will turn out to be ok, well,,, as long as you want it to be.

Never Ever sit down and victimize yourself because you’ll only end up hurting ‘You’

Yes it might not be ok at the moment but it is only a Phase. 

♥Life is all about Phases as long as you’re breathing you’ll be moving to the next one and the next one….so on

♦Here are some quotes I truly cherish and I hope that you find something in them that may help you:

  • ” In a blink of an eye everything can change. So forgive often and love with all your heart. You may never have the chance again.”
  • “Be a voice, not nan echo”
  • “The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment you absolutely and utterly walk away.”
  • ” I give up freely what is no longer serving me. I release it to create space for what inspires me.”
  • “Ask. Believe. Receive”
  • Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you

على كثر ما جابلت الشاشه و حاولت اكتب اي شي.. بس ما قدرت و اتوقع مر اكثر من شهر بس كلش مو قادره اكتب شي. مرات اقول يمكن من اللويه اللي انا فيها و ما لقيت شي يسوى اشارككه وياكم؟

احب اكتب شي له معنى او على الاقل يكون مفيد و لو من اي ناحيه

احب المثل اللي يقول”اذا مو عاجبك مكانك غيره. انت مو شجره” طبعا اهو بالانجليزي بس الترجمه خواره عاد مشو معاي.

على اساس هالمثل انا بديت اعيش حياتي. قاعده احاول كثر ما اقدر اوقف مجاملات. المكان اللي احس اني ما انتمي فيه ما اروحله. ان كان شغل او غيره.

انا لما قدمت استقالتي تضايقت شوي لان انا احب اشتغل. او بالاحرى ما احب اقعد فاضيه بدون ما اسوي شي.

لاني من الناس اذا ما سويت شي مخي يشتغل “تفكير” و يوديني بعيد. يعني عادي اسوي سيناريوهات و ابدي اتخيل اشياء ممكن تصير و اشياء مستحيل تصير ف احب اشغل نفسي لدرجه ما اعطي نفسي مجال.. مادري اذا في احد غيري جذي

حبيت اذكركم ان الحياة مراحل و كل مرحله مردها بتنتهي.. يعني حاولو تعيشون كل اللحظات.. الزينه و الشينه لان صدقوني اهي اللي تبنيكم و  تقوي شخصيتكم

اهم شي انك تسوي الشي اللي مقتنع فيه و اللي جد راح يكون سبب في سعادتك. بالنهايه من لك غيرك؟ 

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