What’s Your Value?

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Growing up we tend to lose ourself in the chaos of life. We meet people all the time. From strangers to friends and more, and because we are nice that way, we let them into our lives with no boundaries. We tend to give without question the reasons why.

We are bound to know what is our worth because knowing it will give you a clear picture of how your life is and how happy and content you’re supposed to be.

For example, you think you deserve two pieces of chocolate so one piece will never satisfy you. And take that example use it on everything… People, work, relationships, things in your life..

As soon as you know your self-worth, you will only accept the things that you know you deserve. You will be forced to take actions you have never thought you would take but for the sake of yourself trust me you will go all the way.

Life might be short but it’s filled with a lot of things. why bound yourself to things, people, jobs and much more stuff that are only hurting you and degrading you in ways.

And trust me knowing your value will lead to you not caring about anyone who decreases it… And as soon as you know your value, you’re know the difference between what you should be getting and what you are getting currently. 

Love and respect yourself enough to actually take the time to know your value. It is then when your life will be fair.

xo Ms Poet

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