My Kind Of Place

I decided to share with you my style in Decor. It may inspire some of you.

From living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you. You might be thinking of changing your decor maybe? or give you an idea of my style, after all it does give out a part of my personality right?

Living Room:

The brighter the better. I love tribal and floral patterns.

And when it comes to colors I’d choose

White, Grey, light green, light yellow, teal anything that screams calmness and  serenity.

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Bed Room:

I love simple furniture when it comes to bedrooms.


It is all about having a neat practical and a place that is inspiring. An office with huge windows or balcony is a must.

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Other Details:

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Let me know what is your style of decoration? What is it that you focus on mostly while decorating?

xo Ms Poet

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