Interview with Sara AlHashimi 

Talk about bubbly people? Think about those who see half the glass full? Sarah is one of those people who can make a whole place shines by her smile and happy talk. She is just so vibrant you cannot overlook it.

  • Who inspires you? 

The nature.

  • A quote that you live by and why? 

Quotes reflect your personality and your feelings!! So I create my own quote “Happiness is to have the ability to make others happy”

I don’t know why ! But for some reason…my extreme happiness level is when I make someone happy and I draw a smile on his face.

Maybe because I believe that when you help others to find happiness and they get it!! It’s a gift from God, he’s giving you a bit of his name “The giver” and that makes me happy!

  •  They say everyone has a purpose in life. Have you found yours? 

Yes I did, by showing others how to see life from different angles, spreading positivity and planting a hope in people hearts. In addition, motivate them to live, to enjoy the moment & love.

  •  Define yourself in 3 words 

Love | Honest | Brave

  •  Describe your fashion style

Simple, colorful or white, never black nor brown. LOL I know nothing about fashion, I wear what my mood tells me to wear.

  •  If you could send a message to younger girls what would it be? 

Do what you love doing! Be brave, have an opinion and the most important!! NEVER give up on what you really want just because you are under pressure.

  • What is “yoursmilekw”? 

It’s a marge between my words and the love of photography.

  •  How positive or negative the “social media” is impacting us as people? 

The way you choose…

  •  Do you think people are using the social media the right way? If yes how? If no why? 

There is no answer!! Everyone has his own purpose and needs.

  •  How did photography help you improve yourself? 

I learned how to be patient at my worst circumstances, in addition how to understand people more from their body language.

Reach Her at Instagram | yoursmilekw

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