June Favorites

Since we’re just starting July. I thought I’d collect some of the best products I’ve tried/used in June.


They don’t call me BBcream girl for nothing. I have tried several BBcreams but these two are my favorite. To me, I find BB creams more practical. As I am always on the go. It was a huge step for me when I got my first foundation.

Isadora’s BBcream: For some reason the shade #09 Bronze. was the right one for me. It complimented my skin in a good way. I don’t tan but whenever I have this BBcream on, people ask me if I was tanning.

Doesn’t give you a full coverage and your facial flaws will still be visible but it does hide uneven skin tone and moisturise for a while but then somehow it dries off.

Garnier BBcream: I started using this one about a month ago. I am in the shade medium.

It says that it:

Renews | Brightens | Evens skin tone | Protects | Hydrates 24H

And it does exactly that. I also got compliments that my face was radiant or a bit dewey kind of.

Who else suffers from oily T zones? I truly hate it when my forehead get shiny throughout the day. I started using this and it is a life changing product! After the BBcream Or foundation I’d wipe the T zone with this anti shine power. And Voila

DJ3R7713 DJ3R7716

I am forever in love with Soap and glory products.

The photo includes:

The Righteous Butter – Body Lotion

Hand Food – Hand Cream

Flake Away – Body polish/Scrub


So if you’re living in Kuwait. Where it gets to 50°C. This is an essential product to have. Spray this on your face and you’re good to go.


Literally, this is my second deodorant stick from Rexona. I tried the cucumber and now the bamboo. I have a sensitive skin and I cannot use any type of deodorant. This truly refreshes the underarm area:


This has to be my favorite book this month. It’s basically a reminder on how to live better and see things differently. This book helps you realize what you’re doing and helps you improve yourself and your life in general.  Click Here to read a sample from the authors website.


I know I’ve said that before but I will say it again. Nude lipsticks will forever be my everyday favorite to use.

MAC: Twig

NARS: Tonkin


What are some of your favorites whether was beauty or skincare products?

xo Ms Poet

11 thoughts on “June Favorites

  1. I use the Garnier BBcream too! and the same shade too! lol It is softer and easier especially for going to work everyday. Love the post “thumbs up”


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