Fuji XM1

The camera that I have been using and will always be using is Fuji xm1

I might get a new lens 50mm but not anytime soon.

A lot of people keep asking me what camera do I use?

All my photos for professional/work I use Canon 1Dx with 24-70mm 2.8

But the camera that I use everyday would be Fuji xm1


Honestly the resolution is amazing and comparing to DSRL’s it does quite the job!

The camera itself is light, especially for traveling. I almost never take the Fuji out of my bag.

Even at ISO 2300+ the noise is barely seen.

I recommend this camera even to non photograhers if they care to have decent photos around the day, everyday.

Also, what I truly love is that it has a wifi function, where I am able to send the photos directly from the camera to my phone.

The love that I have for this Fuji is beyond me.

If you want something practical yet amazing consider getting yourself a Fuji camera.

“I do a great job at marketing don’t I?”.

Anyways this is for all those people who keep asking me which camera do I use and why

Also, check their website for any model that suits you Click Here

These are some photos taken by Fuji xm1


If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

xo Ms Poet

9 thoughts on “Fuji XM1

    1. That is a hard question. Right now I am not thinking of upgrading my camera; Would probably get a new lens if I wanted to; But in case you really wanted to know, it would be to check in what’s new and if it suits me. p.s Fuji X-t2 looks cool


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