Interview with Kanwal 

If you combined beauty, pureness, talent and creativity you’d get Kanwal. I am  privileged to be working with this young lady. Such an enthusiast and her love for interior design is beyond me.

  • Define yourself in less than 140 characters

Aspiring, music and coffee love, owns a big scale of tolerance,

Inspiring to love life, optimistic, unrealistically easy going, cannot stand discriminations (of any types) believes in equality with a hint of feminism but not extreme

  • Why interior design? 

I have always find my conscious and subconscious side of brain playing with space and colors inside a room

  • A quote that you live by and the reason of it

Quotes on simplicity and positive attitude because it keeps me away from negative energies; My current favorite is “ Progress Requires Patience And A Can-Do Attitude”

  • What do you think about people your age that don’t have any aspiration to do anything in their lives? 

I just want to tell them that life is soooo beautiful you just need to take a glimpse and shine of your own, it’s a gift that has been rewarded for many deeds coming in life. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

  • What is your dream job? And how can you reach it  

I always wanted to run my own “Event Managing” business. Well aumm im still an undergrad I think I would save that part for my long term plans but I think my propitious attitude can win anything 

  • If someone than doesn’t know Pakistan, how can you explain it to them?

Pakistan is a country which is sooo near to nature every corner of this country has a story that you are so curious to know. It has multiple feature which can drop your jaw in a minute in other words Pakistan’s beauty can startle anyone

  • What makes you happy? 

My family and my social circle they play a big role in my happiness.

  • Pick one: a car license or a plane ticket to any distention of your choice and a duration of your choice as well   

I would definitely go for a car license: p . Travelling opportunities can be availed by many means and sources

  • What would you advise the youth community ? 

Youth-ness is soo energetic; it is the golden period of life and a duration in which you are able to do anything. Run yourself smartly, learn from your mistakes and always be a good example for other people but don’t just spend your life in pleasing everyone out there it’s just like a person has to get flexible from or of what he is.

  • Share one photo in Pakistan 

Reach her at @Instagram

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