Sharing some thoughts || و بعض تويتاتي المفضلة

There are a lot of stuff I could write about and go on and on endlessly whether it was about my feelings or thoughs…

Yet, I find myself ‘drafting’ some of my inner thoughts.

I used to publish everything and anything that goes in my mind. Now I know that a lot of you read!! and I am worried that I could be misunderstood. To me, I hate to convince someone that I am good enough because I know that I am. I hate to feel downgraded because I have my standards way up high. As I have learnt that I shouldn’t lower them for anyone or anything just because.

I am not a half so I don’t need anyone to complete me. Someone to compliment me though is what I seek.

Peanut butter and jelly, fries and ketchup or maybe Denim on denim.

You see, those can go alone but with the other part they get more interesting more special.

Those who want pieces of you, will never work for the whole you. Those who ask for parts of you will never settle for the complete you.

Never never share some of “you” to anyone who is not even ready for the whole you. Because with time you will find yourself losing parts of yourself ending up with nothing? lost? maybe…

As much as I am trying to post something upbeat, I cannot lie that today wasn’t my day.

I truly believe that the second you wake up with a certain feeling especially when it’s negative, it is hard to get rid off it throughout the day. As it takes more energy not to think about the feeling that you had the second you woke up. So as much as you can keep yourself feeling positive and look forward the day even if nothing exciting is going to happen, make something yourself.

I went to the International Horse Care Center for a change. And it surely made my day.

I got up around 8 am, then for some reason I forced myself to sleep until 1 pm.

As I am still awake since that hour.

I am heading to bed after this post because I’ll make the most of tomorrow as after tomorrow is “Ramadan”.

@ie_76: تخلص من عاطفتك المُفرطه ، توقف عن سرد العتابات ، لا تستمر بمطالبة احدهم للوقوف بجانبك ، كُن صاحب كفاية ذاتيه لتكون دائمًا في اجمل حال.

@Nizariat: إن كنتَ صديقي ساعِدني كَي أرحَلَ عَنك أو كُنتَ حبيبي ساعِدني كَي أُشفى منك

@iu881: اصعب شي ممكن تعيشه أنك بيوم تدعي ربك ينسيك أشياء كنت تدعي ربي يديمها لك.

@Jadd_ha: أكثر شيء يقتل الإبداع بداخلنا هو خوفنا من ردود أفعال الآخرين على ما نقوم به ..!

@wessam_eldin: مفيش حاجة ١٠٠٪ مجاناً غير حب أمك

@Ghadaiat: ولأنك أبعد من أن تفهمني ، لن اشرح لك مدى خيبتي فيك

@3abth_: ليكن وعدك بأن تكون صادقاً في حضورك .. لا أن تبـقى على الدوام ..

@C_adab: في الحالات التي يبدو فيها البشر مصرين على أن يبدو أقوى مما هم عليه فعلا، يكونون قد بلغوا درجة ضعف تفوق ضعفهم المعتاد بكثير

xo Ms Poet

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