Interview with Eman Jamal 

If you combine style, class and talent you’ll get Eman. It is also an honor to know a fellow female that is truly creative by heart.

  • If someone asked you to tell them a brief about you what would you say? 

I’m a simple person who enjoys friendships and love fine arts, food, life style and travel. Photography is my greatest passion. I have always been attracted by colors and lights. I seek out creativity and like to highlight the beauty of the smallest things in life.

  • Three words that you think they describe you? 

confident, practical and quite shy at times

  • What is the color that represents you?

Pastel pink is such a tender and soothing colour.

  • Do you think Photography helped you in any type of way? If so, How? 

I express my beliefs and opinions through my photography. My unique perspective goes further than just showing people how I see a frame, I do this by choosing what I photograph and how I represent it.

  • What are two of your aspirations? 
  1. To better my business decision skills by developing my portfolio further.
  2. To own an Art Gallery to support upcoming artists and display my artwork.
  • Define “Feminism” in your words

To me it means equality, not supremacy and a positive advancement for women.




  • What is your favorite movie genre? 

Romance comedy




  • What is your favorite type of flowers? 


  • If you could use one Camera lens what would it be?

50 mm , f/1.4

  • A quote that you live by? And why? 

– I’m not sure who said that but growing up my mum used to say – “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And it is so true! You can only be the best that you can be as long as you are working hard.
Reach her at Instagram

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