Throwing It Out There 

I have a gap in my life.
The truth is I try to find emotions anywhere I go. I embrace those strangers with a smile and I make them feel like home, when I’m homeless.
I lack something and the ache; I feel it in my throat; more like suffocation?

I have debated whether I should post this or not because to me it’s very personal and I really want this blog to be anything but emotions.

Yet I find myself spilling it out whenever it gets harder  to breathe.

I keep focusing on my work the whole time, whether I was in my office or not. But those late nights when I get all the time in the world; time moves slowly and as if I have all the time to think about everything when I truly don’t..

I may be hallucinating but somehow it feels so real and I could swear that I feel those feelings in every inch of my body and every corner of my mind.

I think I should stop now. I don’t want to be misleading or anything but I am really trying my best to be the best version of me and as much of a struggle this may sound but it is worth it and I know.

There is no one to rely on, but myself and I got to keep on going because I truly believe that whatever God has written for me it is way better from what I want to have for myself.

xo Ms Poet

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