Interview with Fatemah AlKhaldi

You find peace around her. Vibes and energy filled with love and serenity. Fatemah AlKhaldi is such a lovely, sweet and peaceful lady. It is an honour to have her in my life.

  •  What is fashion to you? 

Fashion for me is life style … Its in my life in most ways .

  • Three words to describe love 

kindness – unconditional- responsibility

  • What is your favorite current hype? 

boho-chic style … I always find it vibrant & comfy … And fit any one ❤️

  • Black or grey? 


  • Coffee or tea? 


  • One thing you want girls to know?

Never underestimate your self or your life … Love your self & enjoy life

  • Your favorite type of music and why?

Jazz I feel its express the feelings & also it is the type of music that takes you to other level of ❤️

  • What does living in a green environment mean to you? 

As individuals I do my best to do my ecological balance to minimize the harm we made to environment . Awareness is what we need 💚

  • One quote that you live by and why? 

I’ve been always big fan of Rumi and I read this quote 3 years ago and It has changed my view in things “what you seek seeking you” its very deep

  • Three fashion pieces you can’t live without?
  1. my bag
  2. cat eye shade
  3. black heels

Reach her at Instagram

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