Maybe Thats Why…


“What’s meant to be will always find a way.”

I try very hard to convince myself that if it’s meant to be it will be. Whether it will be tonight, tomorrow or even ten years from now. No matter how hard I keep thinking, nothing will change reality.

My way of life is living day by day. I have stopped thinking about my future, I found this way to be more peaceful because my mind is chaotic and I cannot sit down and relax. I tend to overthink and make up scenarios that aren’t even there. Which causes me a lot of tension and anxiety. I found out that not expecting anything from others have made me feel relieved.

Yes, too sad not being able to believe in others because I truly don’t. I came to the point where I cannot and will not accept another disappointment. I drown myself in work so I don’t get a chance to start thinking and by the end of the night I just sleep at once.

With or without you I am alive. With or without you I can make it.

Never ever bound yourself to others because believe it or not everything in this life is just a phase. Keep this fact in your mind and you’ll set yourself free from being the victim. Whether it was emotionally, mentally or physically; As long as you know that everything is a phase you won’t have much pain when that phase is over.

xo Ms Poet

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