“Women’s Makeup Throughout History”

I was watching this video and it was too interesting not to share.

What was your favorite look?

I liked the Ancient GreeceIndia’s Gupta Age and The Victorian Era.

I could be the worst girl when it comes to make up. I don’t know how to use brushes and I have no idea how to contour. I use BBcream/ concealer / eyeliner / mascara /lipstick.

انا من البنات اللي ما اعرف حق الميك اب وايد، يعني حدي بيبي كريم و كونسيلر و مسكرا. لا و اخر شي يقولولي ليش ويهج باهت او شفيج؟ مريضه؟ انزين و الايلاينر اللي ساعه على ما حطيته؟ 😅

المهم، انا اؤمن بالجمال الداخلي و هذا اهم شي 🚶🏻

xo Ms Poet

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