Interview with Tareq Al-Askar


A smart, hard working young man. Who believes that working on something that you love will make you happy. No matter what are the costs Tareq is going all the way to prove his abilities.

  • Why are you doing what you’re doing “UrbanQ8”?

I started UrbanQ8 to act as a portfolio for my videography business, however after the reaction I received from the first video I made it changed. My show has two segments an event one, as well as a show which is a one on one with people. The first video I made was for Hamzawi restaurant, when I went back again and saw the reactions and what people said about the video things changed for me. It became less a portfolio and more about spreading awareness as we have talented people in Kuwait and the forms of promotion to them is limited. Yes there are social media influencers, however what they charge and the service they provide is more about self promotion rather than promoting your product/service talent etc…

I always say no one can promote you but you, that is what Urbanq8 is about. Finding the people and underdogs per say that are striving to make a change and be heard.

  • Describe a would people communicate in a perfect world?

Regarding communication I prefer face to face communication because it is more intimate, yes we can communicate using other forms such as text, voice chat and what not, however the beauty of communication is half of what you say is non verbal. You need to be there present with who your communicating with to understand the eyes talk loudly the body whispers and there lies the message that you are not going to get if you are not present during the conversation

  • Name three things you can’t leave the house without

three things, my phone, my camera with the smallest lens I have just n case, a small audio recorder

  • what is your favorite color? and why this color is your favorite?

Favourite color would have to be grey, because life isn’t monotone but different shades of grey and that is what makes it beautiful

  • If you had the chance to redo something again what would that thing be?

The order in which I purchased my equipment, I like living my life with no regrets so whatever action I take I would redo again and just live with the consequences otherwise I wouldn’t be me. The actions I made and took are what made me who I am today

  • What is the impression you would like people have about you?

I rather people make up their own impressions of me through knowing me, Im not the kind of guy that likes to front or superimpose an image of himself upon people.

  • Photography wise: If you could only have one lens, which lens is it?

a toss up but most probably a 35mm since I can fit more in the frame and if i needed to zoom I would do it with my legs. I hate zooms and prefer primes more of a hassle but end result is better

  • Three words to explain UrbanQ8

Well our tagline is a lifestyle guide to urban living, but if i had to choose now it would be: adventurous , passionate, playful

  • How is UrbanQ8 helping you personality wise?

Im a guy who likes to have fun most of the time unless the situation calls for a bit of seriousness, right now it is making me act more stern and professional when I approach potential and existing people i plan to shoot with. my motto is to always be 20% of yourself and as time goes on and the person your with give them steady increments. Just make sure they can handle the 20% first before adding more.

  • A quote that you live by?

This quote was from a movie I watched called back in the day “They want me to be the victim, I ain’t going to be a god damn victim. Im’a get them before they get me” reason I like this quote is it makes me realise that if I need something or wish for something I should get up and do it, theres no reason for me to feel victimised and miserable the only person that can decide how i feel is myself and that is why i live by that quote it makes me a survivor and go getter.

Reach him at Instagram | Youtube

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