A hint of logic

I know sometimes you feel alone and you have nobody but yourself. I know sometimes you lay in bed feeling empty and maybe you feel as if you were fading away with nobody out there to hold you back.

I also know that sometimes you have no one by your side. As if all those people around you can’t even see you suffer. Yet, you draw a smile on your face and make sure those around you feel good about themselves. I also know that you are holding on when you’re just breaking apart within. You have all the reasons to cry and break down but don’t..

It’s ok not to be ok and I trust that everything will turn out good in the end. Because everything is a phase, whether its the good times or bad times,,,

Always remember why you held on for so long. This is not for the people around you, this is for you. You need to feel good mentally, physically and emotionally. And you have the right to do whatever it takes to make yourself feel beter.

Yes, you will have people promising you that they will stay no matter what but see,, they will leave.

Yes, you will have people telling you that they love you,, yet they will let you go when they have the chance

I also believe those who swear to last forever will be the first ones to leave you behind.

There will be those who you will put them first but they’ll treat you the worst.

Think about yourself and put yourself first and to those who don’t treat you like you’re first in their list, take them off yours.

Treat yourself better and believe that you are worth it.

Never ever lower your standards, because those who really want to be in your life will work hard to be in it.

Never save spots in your life thinking it will be filled by others.

Only if you put yourself first you will feel content.

Life will go on, with or without anyone there.

Whether we like it or not

Don’t lose yourself trying to gain others. because with time you’ll notice that you also lost yourself.

xo Ms Poet

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