Sharing my next projects with you

So I am planning to work on some projects, it is just I have my job now so it is going to be slow a bit

  • 100 Coffees around Kuwait

Going to try out 100 Americano’s or Cappuccino’s? I haven’t chosen which coffee yet but I will try 100 different places in Kuwait.

  • I have been thinking about making short montages around 2 to 5 minutes videos and I only can post those on Youtube? What do you think?

So in case you were wondering what is my Job? 

I am a branding and advertising director, which goes under marketing.

And I have two projects under construction that I need to keep my eyes on.

As of right now, I am just collecting thoughts of what to begin with first “Collecting Ideas” and “How to’s”

I would love to hear what you want to say about the previous projects I mentioned above. “Photography” wise.

I have a shoot at 10 am tomorrow, then a recap for my Spanish classes  that I haven’t been attending in the passed weeks.

That is it. I wanted to post the Arabic version of “what I have learnt” but I’ll keep that for later.

Any Questions? Please do Ask: > Click Here <

xo Ms Poet

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