A Letter To My Future Self

Hello there,

This goes to my future self.

Dear S,


You are 24 years old now but let me tell you some things that you really have to know when you’re probably 60 or 80 years old. No one will offer you those information but yourself.

You have devoted your life into being the person that you have always wanted to be.  You have reached a point where you are inspiring others. Take pride in that.

I still believe that you are still trying to figure yourself out and finding peace in each corner. I do believe that you are still the kind woman that you have always been. Even though you came out as a very cold hearted selfish girl, you will always be the most sensitive one. It is just you find it hard to express how you feel to others that is why you found peace in writing.

Give yourself a break you are good enough as you have always been.

I hope that you got to open up your coffee shop as cosy as you wanted to be and as successful as you wished it could be. I also hope that you have reached more goals than the ones you’ve set in your twenties.

People do not last. I hope that you figured that already. Whoever is in your life  right now just try to make the best out of it in the moment. Do not keep your head in the clouds and think that people are going to last. Lesson should be learnt long time ago, that people are phases and our paths will surely split somewhere in our journey. So, try to learn something from everyone who passes you by.  All what you need in your life is peace. Enjoy each and every moment. Whatever position or place you’re in right now; take pride in that because you’ve earned it.

I hope that you are working hard being the well educated woman that you always wanted to be. Yet, you do work really hard so it is ok to have some fun. Enjoy your life as much as you can because in your twenties, you didn’t get to do that much.

I also wish that you got to travel places and discovered new things, I hope that you did not forget to take your camera with you. A Fuji will forever be a good idea. I also imagine you being fluent at Spanish. You better be.

You are a strong smart woman and some people might still find it hard to reach you, please build a bridge for those people. I hope that you fixed your trust issues because this was bothering you a lot.

Family is number one and will always be. Make sure you protect your family with your soul. No matter what happens always choose your family. I do know that you will still have good intentions in doing everything so if things didn’t go the way you want it is OK there is always a plan B, C, D….Z. I also wish that you got to read all the books that you have spent a fortune on,,, -#JustSayin 🙂

Most importantly I hope that you are in a place that makes you happy and content because this is where you always want to be. And if you are not that happy, make sure you be happy because you do deserve all good things in life. I strongly believe that good things happen to those who hustle, and girl you’ve been hustlin’ enough so take it easy and relax.

P.S Don’t forget how brave you are and remember to Breathe.

xo 24 years old you

DJ3R9977 DJ3R9968


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