Interview with Talal AlRashed


Someone who is ambitious, considerate,humble and friendly. When you combine food, people, friendship,family, laughter, adventure; you get Talal.


I had the privilege to have my first interview with him. Each interview will contain 10 questions. I will be interviewing all sort of people.


xo Ms Poet

  • Boca or Gaucho?

Very difficult question; they are completely different from each other, they are both amazing. When you are put in front of such two choices, you go to the one you are more emotionally attached to, like everything in life; the chemistry decides how much you click with something, a person or a place, so I would say Gaucho.

It is original, simple and elegant, three traits I like in anything and anyone. Reasonably priced, premium meat, excellent appetisers and very special desserts with the best service in all Dubai and with an ambience that is unmatchable with any other.

  • If you were the boss and had to fire someone how would you do it?

It would depend on that person’s situation. In such matters where someone’s livelihood and future are involved rules should not apply, for every particular situation there has to be a different way to handle it. But generally speaking, I would just tell them what they need to hear with thoughtfulness, tactfulness and firmness. 

  • What is your strength?

My fearlessness and self-control in difficult situations.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Eloquent, eccentric and friendly

  • What is your life motto?

“Don’t sell your soul to the devil”

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself more fit, famous, rich and a father ; I don’t know how though 🙂

  • If you had to have one full meal what do you see in the table including ( Appetizer, Salad, main course, dessert and a drink) Doesn’t matter where but what are the dishes

Starters: fish ceviche with lemon and coriander; main course: fresh whole-wheat pasta cooked al dente with fresh sea food; and desserts: Lemon sorbet and water as a drink.

  • If you weren’t doing what you’re doing right now, what could you possibly be doing? (As a profession)


  • If you had to share one advice with a stranger what could it be?

Don’t sweat it, see how many people wanted to be something and have become nothing.

  • Describe your life without the access of food that you have right now?

I would have become a writer and body builder.

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P.S The Photo was not taken by me. 

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