Oh Hello There,,

  Woopie donuts – @st_almakan 

Trying to escape everything has always been a goal of mine. I run but I don’t know where to or who from. Yet, I am always on the move. Here I am ignoring everyone, sitting in a cafe wondering what could I possibly share with you all. Not even knowing who’s reading this; sounds pretty scary hah? 

I wrote a complete post about some feelings I have but then I was like eh.. Select all>Delete. So, let’s start again. Shall we? 

It is the weekend. I am thinking of reviewing something but I have no idea what. A place? A product or something even more fun? I would really love to have this blog that people could really  rely on, whether it was about things, feelings thoughts or ideas. Something different if you know what I mean 🙂 

If you are reading this, I just wanted to say thank you deeply I truly appreciate it.


P.S I will post a photo on instagram..  Do ask me a question I will have a post up with questions answered soon.  @Q8Poet271 Or if you rather stay Anonymous you can hit my Ask.fm Click here  

I am probably 65% sure I may not receive any questions but it sounded fun so I just had to put this here lol. Also, I rather have my posts weekly? Hows that? 

Thanks again 

xo Ms Poet

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